DIY Lighthouse

I made this lighthouse from DIY designs I saw all over the web and I LOVE it! 

  • 4 large to small plant pots that nest
  • 1 Solar yard light 
  • Outdoor glue or gorilla glue
  • Assorted paints & brushes
  • Saw or razor like tool to separate the solar light from the stem

  1. Turn pots upside down and nest on top of each other.
  2. With a pencil, draw a line all around the perimeter where the pots on top meets with pots on the bottom. This is your "paint to" line. 
  3. Remove your pots and design and paint however you like. 
  4. Sever the top of the yard light from the stem by either sawing or possibly breaking it off, if it seems like it will easily and efficiently snap without damaging the fixture.
  5. Glue the yard light on the top pot using gorilla glue or outdoor glue. 
  6. You are ready to put this in your garden or yard to light up the night! 

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